January 2014

2014 Here we go!

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Here we are in the year 2014 already!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are back into the swing of things again.  My holidays were certainly filled with wonderful events.  Christmas has always been a time for music, mass, dancing, eating, and of course you can't forget playing hockey!  We are fortunate to live far enough north that the weather stays cold enough for good outdoor rinks.

Now that it is the new year, I have started up another term of winter classes for step dance and fiddle lessons in the Peterborough area.  It is not too late to register, and if you would like to join, please send me an email and I will find the best class that suits you!  Lessons run from January until the first week of March.  I will start up lessons again in May, once our family group Everything Fitz has returned from our US/Canada Tour!   As well we are making very good progress with the online video lessons and I am very excited that my dream of offering online lessons will soon be a reality!

Have a good day!