March 2014

VOTE for Julie in CBC Searchlight Contest!

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CBCMusicVOTE NOW for Julie Fitzgerald in CBC Searchlight Contest!

Please vote for Julie and her band (Tom Fitzgerald, Kerry Fitzgerald, Nate D

Vote every day from now until April 6th. One vote per person per day is allowed. Voting is simple (thank goodness!). Click on this link (or copy & paste it to a new tab). This is Julie's artist page. Scroll down & click on the “Vote for this Artist” button. Button turns green and you’re done! Repeat each day. Please share this with as many people as you wish!

Thank you for supporting Canadian fiddle music!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Here I am again on the road, travelling with my family group Everything Fitz! We are performing in the mid-west USA, as well as the western provinces of Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & B.C.).  We are performing our 5th concert today in Mitchell, South Dakota….. home of the Corn Palace!!  It looks like a pretty interesting place to perform at, and I will definitely add a photo or two!

In the beginning we did hit a bit of snowy weather ….

Tom and Nate getting the van 'unstuck'!

But luckily this didn't last too long and we arrived to the concert venues on time!


Check out our Everything Fitz Facebook Page for our latest updates and photos!