Intermediate Clog I

** NEW ROUTINE!!** Intermediate Clog #1

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Length: 4 steps; 5 videos; Approx. 56 minutes Description: This clog builds on what was learned in Beginner Clog #2. Larger combinations of movements are applied to increase difficulty of steps. We introduce the ‘double step’, and apply new techniques that have yet to be applied in previous clog steps (ie ‘flap’ and ‘heel flick’. Breakdowns and exercises with these new techniques are now available in the video series ‘Intro to Ottawa Valley Step Dancing- The Basics’). Suggested tune to dance to is Fred Wilsons Clog (traditional). This group/routine includes the following videos:

  • Full Routine to Music (Slow, Medium & Fast Tempo)
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3/4 Part One
  • Step 3/4 Part Two