Julie Fitzgerald's Instructional Step Dance DVD!

Instructional Dance DVD new lookIn this instructional DVD, Julie provides a demonstration and detailed breakdown of each routine so that dancers of all ages and experience levels can learn the steps with ease. Each demonstration allows students to dance along with Julie to traditional fiddle tunes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, you will receive excellent instruction, and you will have a fun and enjoyable experience! To purchase a copy, contact Julie here.

Included on this DVD:
•Beginner Reel #1
•Beginner Reel #2
•Advanced Clog, Jig, and Reel
•BONUS Video

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What is Ottawa Valley Step Dancing?
This is a Canadian dance form that is found predominantly in Ontario, Canada. It
originates from traditional Irish and French-Canadian dance styles. Most commonly,
steps are danced to a clog, jig, or reel. However, you can step dance to almost any song you want!

Online Lessons
Click here to access online step dance lessons! Julie is now offering online step dancing lessons! There are lessons for everyone -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. A variety of routines will be taught, including clogs, jig, reels, and show tunes. If you have a cool or unusual tune that you would like to dance to, please send Julie a message and she would be happy to accommodate. There are endless possibilities and lots of flexibility with this method of instruction. Julie is VERY excited to be able to offer this service!

Skype Lessons

In the meantime, contact Julie for more info on Skype or video lessons (available now!)