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Learn traditional Ottawa Valley step dancing from the convenience of your own home and on your own time!  Learn step dancing through in-depth video lessons that are organized based on difficulty level.  A constantly growing collection of steps will keep you motivated to learn this fun and energetic dance style.  This is the first site of its kind where you can learn Ottawa Valley step dancing!

There are lessons suitable for everyone -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. A variety of routines will be taught, including clogs, jig, reels, and show tunes. If you have a cool or unusual tune that you would like to dance to, please send Julie a message and she would be happy to accommodate.  There are endless possibilities and lots of flexibility with this method of instruction. Julie is VERY excited to be able to offer this service!

My online lessons are set up as close as possible to an in-person lesson as they can be.  I strongly encourage you to contact me with any questions you have.  If you finish a routine and you don’t know what to start next, or if you want to check that you are doing the steps properly, please get in touch!

Please read the following information in order to achieve the best dance lesson experience possible.  This information will give you a brief overview of what makes up Ottawa-Valley step dancing.  The FAQ section answers the important questions about online dance lessons. The final section "How to Make the Best Use of Online Step Dance Lessons", helps you determine which routine and difficulty level you should begin at.

FAQ Julie Online Lessons

Guidelines to Learning Step Dancing Online

What is Ottawa Valley Step Dancing?