Intro to Ottawa Valley Step Dance Basics

Intro to Ottawa Valley Step Dancing: The Basics

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Length: 14 videos; Approx. 77 minutes
Description:  These videos provide a detailed demonstration and explanation of how to execute each of the basic components that make up Ottawa Valley Step Dancing.  You will learn proper foot placement, technique and tips, which will improve your learning abilities when it comes time to learn the first steps.   Included are the basic ‘one-sound’ steps, as well as combinations of several moves together (ie the ‘double shuffle’).  The videos are best viewed in the order listed below.
This group includes the following videos:

  • The Step
  • The Heel
  • The Toe
  • Toe Exercise
  • The Hop
  • The Shuffle
  • Click Hop
  • Shuffle Step
  • The Stomp/Bang
  • Brush Hop
  • Double Shuffle Part One
  • Double Shuffle Part Two
  • Flap
  • Heel Flick